Date: Sept 12-14, 2014
Location: London, United Kingdom



If you Don’t Invest in Property Now,
You Would Miss your Chance FOREVER!


Here is why…

We’ve all heard about property being “bricks and mortar”. It’s something that you can feel, smell, touch and people actually live in them. Given time, it always goes up in value. When it happens, it increases your net worth. Do you know someone who has bought a house that is worth more than what they paid for it?When you rent a property out, it gives you money every month doing little work, if done the right way. This income is called passive income.house2It’s possible to turn a few thousands into multiple thousands just by doing some work to it. In fact it’s the only investment that banks would be willing to lend you money to buy it.That’s a good reason for it – banks know that properties will always go up in value in the long run. Unlike other investments, if the market crashes, property always has its residual value, meaning that you can still make your money back by selling the house brick by brick!So if you don’t invest in property and do it now, you would “miss the boat” once and for all and only live to regret it afterwards.


Why Most Of You Will Never Stand
A Chance Of Succeeding In Property!


The rules have changed!The most important success factor that allowed investors to do deals was the money they borrowed from the banks or the mortgages. Since 2008, the market experienced something called the credit crunch that led to the global recession. Banks are just not lending, period!failEven if you manage to find the deals, you won’t be able to finance them.Prior to that, property was very forgiving of mistakes. There seemed to be only one way that prices were going and that was up! Anyone could make money in property and it was very forgiving of mistakes.Not anymore!Since the recession began, many successful investors have either gone bankrupt or lost a great deal of money. Even the most experienced investors don’t have a clue now on what to do. If you make mistakes, it could wipe you out completely.If you are starting out in property in today’s market, what chance do you have?


Property + Entrepreneur = Propepreneur


Does that mean we should just quit the market and forget about investing in property?Not at all! Did you know that since the stock market crashed on Wall Street on October 29, 1929 that led to the Great Depression, more millionaires were made during those times than any other times in the history of the US?entreprenurWhat that means is that when times are hard for most people, it is a business opportunity for some. This group of people tends to do the opposite of what the others do – they start new businesses when most were closing down and invest in property when most are selling.They make money by adding valueto people according to what is needed in those circumstances.They are called entrepreneurs.We are experiencing the same interesting times in property. Prices across many countries have dropped to rock bottom and few people know what to do anymore. Those who do are the property entrepreneurs or “propepreneurs”who are making more money than ever.In fact you probably won’t find another opportunity to make money in property like the times we have now for decades to come!You need to become a propepreneur if you were ever going to stand any chance of succeeding in property.



The 12 Killer Mistakes That Will
Wipe You Out Instantly.


How do you become a propepreneur?First you need to discard the old rules and learn new ones.If you are experienced in property and cling on to the old rules of investing, you could be “wiped out” very quickly. In other words, what were considered the “golden nuggets” could now be the killer mistakes!Here are the top 3…mistake1

While property rentals do give you a monthly cash flow, it’s almost impossible to live on it.If your boiler breaks down and needs replacing, it could wipe out 6 months worth of profit in one go. Most rental properties give you “wafer thin” profit and some barely break even.You invest in property for the capital growth and take advantage of the rock bottom prices now. You need to have multiple income strategies that allow you to become cash rich as well as asset rich.


In the past, most people would refinance their own houses to release money to sink into their investment properties, either as a down payment or for refurbishment. They would make their money back quickly through refinancing when their properties were valued higher or the market had gone up.There’s no doubt that many investors were making a lot of money using this strategy. Unfortunately, the market is now different. Prices are neither going up furiously nor banks are ready to refinance your properties.Do you know many property developers and speculators go bankrupt as a result of putting too much of their or other people’s money into their deals?Don’t make this lethal mistake!


Most people are only looking at the only way they know to finance their property deals and that’s from the banks.When the banks are not lending and you have to rely on them, that’s like “banging your head against the brick wall”! Don’t you agree?When people say they can’t find money to invest in property, they are looking in the wrong place. In fact, finance is everywhere. You just need to know where to look.


The Biggest Myth About “Repos”
And Why Most People Never Make Dime!


Here’s another one…

repoMany so-called seasoned investors are now looking at repos. Repos are properties that are going through repossession by their banks because the owners can’t keep up with their mortgage payments.There are companies around that are offering repo lists that contain names and addresses of the properties that are going through the process. Some of these lists might contain some phone numbers of the owners but that’s few and far between.

Here are the problems with repo lists…

  • Almost all of them have “gone round the block” many times – do you think the list seller would sell you the entire list exclusively?
  • Most owners would ignore your call as much as all the creditors’ chasing them for money and many have already had their phone lines cut off!
  • By the time you get the repo list, it’s probably too late. Most repossessions take place because they have already gone through the court process due to the sellers owing the banks thousands of pounds of arrears.
  • Even if you get to speak to the banks, they will simply ask you to put in an offer based on the price. Unless you have the finances ready, the chance is that you can’t even buy it.
  • The critical success factor in doing property deals in today’s market is if you could negotiate with the sellers directly based on the terms. Banks would never negotiate on terms.

I’m not saying that you can’t help people going through repossession. They key is to help them before they get to that stage.


The New Definition Of A Property Deal


So I’m lost now!Are you saying that even if you find a “property deal” that is selling a big discount, it’s not a deal because you can’t find the money to buy it?Yes, you are absolutely right!With the new rules, a deal is only a deal if you can either finance it so that you can make money from it. Otherwise, it’s really not a deal and.Let me share with you two tips that are absolutely MUSTto making money in today’s market:tip1

When I say negotiate on the terms, it means you have to find out directly from the sellers the reasons for selling their properties and you help them solve a problem. Many sellers need to sell because of some circumstances that are beyond their control, such as going through a divorce or losing their jobs.These are called motivated sellers.Motivated sellers don’t sell because they wish to make a profit. Most do so because they view their properties as liabilities, especially when they can’t keep up with their mortgages.What they need is a solution and you need to be a solution provider.As a solution provider, you need to discuss the termsin which you might help them with their situations and make money for yourself.This is exactly what a propepreneur does – add value to people and make money that gives you a win-win situation.As you can see, the whole idea of a property investor is no longer what it used to be.


Now you know the importance of finding motivated sellers and doing business with them based on the terms; in reality, if you’re not looking at 20 deals a week, you’re not even in the game.The problem is most investors are “deal beggars”. It may sound harsh but that’s the reality…Most investors look for deals through estate agents.The problem with estate agents is that when they have deals, do you think they would keep them for themselves or their developer buddies who buy them dinner and champagne? How many people do you think pitch estate agents for deals every day?That’s the reason why you never get that call!Quite frankly, I was through years ago groveling to anyone for deals. More to the point – estate agents would never allow you to deal directly with the sellers and discuss terms.They get paid their commission on the price and not the terms!




How To Become A Property DEAL MAGNET
And Not A Deal BEGGAR


Here’s what you need to do to find more deals than you can handle…stepPoint number three above is the KEYto your success. What I am talking about is a business system that works for you.That means you need to treat property as a business and you become a business owner. If you are willing to take property seriously, your chance to succeed would be dramatically increased.I don’t know if you have ever started a business or are already a business owner. In reality, most people prefer to work in a job rather than become a business owner. Probably the reasons are that:

  • They perceive business as risky
  • There is too much hassle and headaches
  • They don’t now how
  • They have little start-up capital
  • They have no time

It’s true that most start-ups fail in the first 18 months.

Why? It’s a steep learning curve. People make mistakes in business always and that’s the name of the game – you learn from them as you grow.

While there are always risks in business, risks and rewards go hand in hand. That’s why successful business entrepreneurs travel the world in first class, live in amazing houses, own the most expensive toys and have the means to do charity work and give back to the society.

While most people are passionate about helping others, the reality is that most can’t even look after themselves.

If you don’t want to miss the boat again, read on…

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John’s the right person

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In the 4 days, you’ll learn…learn1house

  • You need to know what the new rules or strategies are – some of these strategies are next to zero risk investing!
  • Have multiple streams of income.
  • Learn the mistakes that have cost people time and money and you avoid them at all cost.

Many investors have lost money in property because they don’t know what the deal breakers are.
Therefore, you must know…


Here are some examples of typical deal breakers:

  • Not having the right solicitors
  • Mortgage lenders pulling the plug at the last minute
  • Getting the valuation wrong
  • Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to mortgage lenders, sellers and surveyors
  • Unsolicited advice, e.g. friends, family lawyers, so-called experts on forums…

The property business could be disastrous for you if you don’t do it right. You could get:


  • Hassle from tenants who don’t pay you
  • Tenants trashing your house
  • Maintenance and managing your builders
  • Your phone constantly ringing
  • You wasting time driving around
  • Your rents not covering your mortgage
  • Void periods

There is one little known strategy that could save you from all of the above.



The “Strategy” that Eliminates the Headaches from Property Once and for All.


Once you learn this strategy, you would find the perfect tenants that

  • Pay you on time
  • Pay you more rent
  • Take care of your maintenance
  • Stay for years so you don’t worry about them handing in their notice
  • Willing to fix up your house at their cost


This strategy is what the most successful property investors use today. There is a HUGE demand that is not being met right now and that’s why we need to share with you this opportunity with you so we could work together.


When you come to this event, you’ll also learn…

  • How you can get started in property and beat the pro’s with no experience
  • Stop losing money in the bank and make your money work hard for you
  • How you build income assets that look after your retirement and leaves a legacy
  • Where you can find all the money to invest that other investors have no clue about
  • The “strategy” for building a property business on the side even if you have no time




Do You Even Stand A Chance of Retiring At Retirement Age?


Let me share with you a little known fact.

According to a recent survey, most people have almost no chance of retiring at their retirement age.

Here’s a little calculation…

Let’s say you plan to retire on £3,000 a month to live comfortably at the age of 65.

You would need £3,000 x 12 months = £36,000 a year.

The average life expectancy in the UK is 80 years. That means there are 15 years left that you have to fund before you die.

By the time you retire, you would need to have saved £36,000 x 15 years to live = £540,000 in the bank. With inflation, it’s likely to be double to £1,080,000.

So the question is… what are you doing right now to make sure you have this kind of money in your bank by the time you are 65 so you can live comfortably?

What are you going to do when your income stops when you retire? (Hint: Have lots of properties that make you money every single month without having to work)

If you don’t own any assets, the chance is that you are highly unlikely to retire comfortably, let alone retiring early.


The 1:10 Strategy to Retire Early while Others Retire Broke


It’s crucial that you learn them and take action right now because…

  • The earlier you start, the faster you can retire – your legacy starts now
  • Time is running out (how long do you have to live?)
  • This market is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and there probably won’t be another one for decades to come
  • If you don’t do it now, you will never make money. This is your opportunity cost.
  • You are losing your savings due to inflation
  • If you don’t invest your money now, you would end up spending it anyway


The Quickest Way to Invest in Property without Saving for Years for a Deposit


It’s the truth – there are millions of people renting property right now because they can’t save enough money for a deposit to buy their first home, let alone becoming a property investor.

Many are well into their 30s / 40s and have resorted to living at home.

successWhen you come to this event, you’ll quickly learn that:

  • Most “deals” require little or no money down
  • There are alternative finances that are not from the banks

If you just know this little known technique, you could be investing in your first property within 30 days.


If You’re Not Investing Money, You are Losing Money Every Single Day!


You will also learn…

  • The quickest way to get you on the property ladder without saving for years
  • The 1:10 strategy for you to retire early while others retire broke
  • The 12 killer mistakes that could wipe you out in property
  • How you can start your property business with as little risk as possible
  • The “strategy” that eliminates your headaches and hassles from property once and for all.
  • How to build your property success team that supports you
  • How you could become a property deal magnet and never beg for deals again



Do or Die. Which One Would You Choose?


Whatever decision you make now will change your life forever.

Opportunities come and go. The question is how much longer are you willing to let opportunities pass you by, because it may not come again?

Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day so why are some people rich while others are poor. It’ not about your available resources; it’s about how resourceful you are.

My mentor once asked me that we have either reasons or results – which one is it going to be?

It’s time to change and do something different, isn’t it?

Here’s a quote that will help you decide.


I look forward to helping you succeed with whatever time we have left.

Best wishes,


P.S. Let me make a prediction that by the end of the event, you WILL come up to me, look me in the eyes and sincerely thank me for this opportunity.

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I asked around my local area
(South Wales, Cardiff, Newport)
I guess I just got lucky with
how good the deals were.

2 of the properties are 3 bed
detached (Around £190,000 each)
and 2 of them are 2 bed semi’s
(Around £140,000 each)
Not exact figures but close.

All of them are rented out and
profit around £800 a month
from all 4 of them…
(i can show you calculations if needed).

My family has probably bought/sold/rented out around 20 or so since you guys :)”

Jade Lewis